Leos Trio / Chamber Music

Friday August 1 | 9.00 PM  / Les Eyzies-de-Tayac | Church of  Tayac

Ludwig van Beethoven : Trio opus N°2 in G major

Joseph Haydn : Trio in F sharp minor Hob 15/26

Ludwig van Beethoven : Trio op 70 N°1 in D major ″Ghost″

Created in 2013, the Leos Trio claims the trio with piano as a version balancing the expression of personnal musical sensitivity, with the drive of a collective voice.
Pablo Schatzman : Prize winner of the International Maurice Ravel Academy and of Hewlett Packard Foundation. Member of the orchestras : Musiciens du Louvre and Orchestre de Chambre Pelléas.
Guillaume Lafeuille : First Prize in cello and in chamber music improvement. Member of Satie Quartet.
Jean-Michel Dayez : First Prize winner of the Royal Academy of Bruxelles, Prize winner of the Emile Bernheim Foundation and of the Meyer Foundation.

The trios by Beethoven : The trios by Beethoven : The trio opus 1 N°2 is  part of the three trios created in the presence of Haydn.
The name of Ghost Trio comes from a theme initially written for a witches’scene.

The trios with piano are Haydn’s most numerous works after the strings quartets in his chamber music.

Pablo Schatzman – Violin | Guillaume Lafeuille – Cello | Jean-Michel Dayez – Piano

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