Carte Blanche à l’Orchestre Pelléas

Wednesday  August 7  9.00 PM  / Audrix | Church

Voice and Chamber Music | German and French Romantism

Johannes Brahms - Songs op. 91 (voice, cello, piano)
Gustav Mahler  - Wer hat dies Liedlein erdacht, - Reinlegendchen         
Hugo Wolf    - 3 Lieder Mignon - Kennst du das Land
Franz Schubert - Ave Maria - Lieder mignon 2                
Georges Bizet  - 3 melodies   
Robert Schumann - Romances op. 94 (violin, piano)
Franz Schubert  - Trio N° 2 en E-flat major D.929 (violin, cello, piano)

The Romances for violin and piano by Schumann, initially written for oboe and piano were a Christmas gift to his wife Clara.
The Trio N°2 by Schubert: one of his last works; he listened to its performance shortly before dying.
The lyric part of the concert runs trough the nostalgia of Brahms lullabies, the melodies by Mahler inspired by popular poetry, the turbulent flame of Hugo Wolf, the sweetness of Franz Schubert’s lieds and the melodic genius of Bizet.  

Vérène Westphal – cello | Zorica Stanojevic – violin | Martin Surot – piano | Pauline Sabatier – mezzo soprano

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