Patricia Chacoreta é grupo Baccara / Brazilian Music and Songs

Thursday August 1st  6.00 PM  / Le Bugue [Hall]

Inauguration of the Festival

Opening concert | Entrance free

The Grupo Baccara was created in 1996 by musicians fond of samba, bossa nova, frevo and baião. A mix of African music and jazz, typically Carioca, Patricia Chacoreta, accompanied with Cuban piano, Spanish guitar and percussion, sings of laziness, sensuality, tenderness, nostalgia and joy.
The musical repertoire is popular with thr famous maestros of bossa nova and samba, the soul of Brazil, such as Joao Gilberto, Vinicius de Moraes, Toquino, A.C. Jobim or newer composers: Djavan, Marcio Faraco…

This music will make you feel that you are actually in Rio or Copacabana.

Patricia Chacoreta - chant / pandeiro | Kito Alvarez - guitare / cavaquinho | Stéphane Padilla - percussions

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