Trio Lopez, Petrakis, Chemirani / Mediterranean Music

Friday August 10th  9.00 PM  / Church of Tayac | Les Eyzies

This trio is a musical meeting between three young musicians who compose and perform their own music, which is influenced from various local musical genres of the Mediterranean area, where they all come from. Stelios Petrakis: A young composer and virtuoso lyra and lute player from the island of Crete – Greece, who is always interested in the musical dialog between musicians coming from different musical genres, Efrén López: A multiinstrumentalist (hurdy gurdy, rabab, oud , fretless guitar, kopuz, rabab) and composer, from Valencia – Spain who has travelled and studied for many years various musical idioms of the Mediterranean area,  the Middle East and Afganistan, founder and director of the Valencian group L’ham de foc, Bijan Chemirani: Zarb, Daff, Bendir player, who is being taught the secrets of his art from the Master of the Iranian Zarb Djamshid Chemirani – his father. Living in Marseille – France, he has a wide experience, sharing his art over many years with many musicians from different styles.

This trio project is based on the musical and personal relationships of the three musicians who have many common things to share. It is the first time that they all meet and play. By using musical instruments that belong to various traditional music genres, the influence from all these local idioms is obvious:

Efren Lopez – hurdy gurdy, rubab, oud, fretless guitar, kopuz | Stelios Petrakis - lyra, laouto, lavta | Bijan Chemirani – percussions : zarb, bendir, daf, udu

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