Lou Gospel Group / Negro Spirituals

Thursday August 9th 9.30 PM  / Gouffre de Proumeyssac | Audrix [Concert associé]

Lou Gospel was born in the Perigord in 2000 ; it gathers four singers and four musicians around Gospel songs and Negro Spirituals. Lou Gospel wants to transmit its passion for this music born on the banks of Mississipi river, at a time when cotton fields were full of painful shouts. The Negro Spirituals are songs which merge african traditions and european liturgic melodies. The Negro Spirituals progressively  became more occidental and gave way to Gospel, from God and Spell. Gospel is first and foremost a fight against segregation.

Elodie Noutaïs - soprano | Maryse Morin Louis-Rose - mezzo soprano | Pierre-Henri Dessalles - barytone | Jean-Michel Louis-Rose - barytone basse, percussions | Pierre Cherbero - piano, Vincent Horeau - bass | Robin Dessales - drums, Régis Boréave - hammond organ

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