Orage à quatre voix / Clarinet Quartet "Les Anches Hantées"

Tuesday August 7th 11.00 AM  / Saint-Cyprien | Salle des Fêtes

Concert for Young  Public

Concert for Young  Public

The quartet "Les Anches Hantées", created in 2001, was awarded the first prize in the "Concours Européen de Musique d’Ensemble" in 2004. They divide their activity between chamber music concerts and pedagogy with young public.
The title of the concert comes from a work by Johann Strauss : "Thunder and Lightning" which becomes the pivot of the performance ; this orchestral work indeed offers opportunity of multiple exchanges with juniors : instruments, transcription works and chamber music.

Elise Marre | Romain Millaud | Bertrand Hainaut | Nicolas Châtelain


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