Trio Titi Robin / Music from all over the world

Friday 12 August 2011 9.00 PM  / Les Eyzies | Church of Tayac

Thierry Robin, known as “Titi”, the self-taught musician born in the late 1950s in western France, has created a musical world for himself, instinctively assimilating diverse elements in response to his need to express himself. The two worlds in which he has navigated daily and which have directly and deeply influenced him are the Gypsy and oriental cultures.

Arab and Gypsy community celebrations gave the opportunity to test his original musical sound against these rich traditions from which he took his inspiration while never imitating them, all the while looking for the best ways to express himself as a contemporary artist.

Titi Robin plays guitar, bouzouq and oud.  The percussions of the Brazilian virtuoso Ze Luis Nascimento and the accordion of the subtle improviser Francis Varis by turns accompanist or soloist, make up the trio.

Titi Robin : guitare, oud, bouzouk | Ze Luis Nascimento : percussions | Francis Varis : accordion

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