Maria et l’Oiseau par la Cie Opéra Light / Concert for Young Public

Tuesday 2 August 2011 11.00 AM / Saint-Cyprien | Salle des Fêtes


Music : Verdi  (excerpts from La Traviata / Vespri Sicialini) and Bellini (excerpts from Norma)

Who was the young Maria, before she became "La Callas" ? Far from the world of adults, she escapes and exists thanks to her passion for music and song. She has a companion, a caged bird, which communicates with here by the purity of its song. This show, a loving and moving tribute, invites the public to discover lyric song through the childhood  of an artist who remains as one of the greatest opera singer in the XXth century.

Christelle Belliveau : soprano | Julie Combres : actress| Jean-Baptiste Cougoul : piano | Lights : Nicolas Gautier | Staging : C. Belliveau

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