Ensemble Peiraguda / Occitan Music and Songs

Thursday 28 July 2011 9.00 PM / Audrix | Village square

In 1977, a group of "poets, singers and troubadours" was created: Peiraguda. They would become the ambassadors of authentic occitan song, with its warm, rough and sensual "langue d’oc". The group sings exclusively in occitan and adopts an orientation definitely folk. Peiraguda group is remarkable for its poetic richness and the quality of its harmonic arrangements of guitars and voices.

Listening to Peiraguda is like sitting by the fire-place, and opening a fine bottle of wine with old friends. Attending a concert of Peiraguda, means discovering a Perigord in love with its culture and language, and optimistic regarding its future. Peiraguda offers a mix of traditional songs and of definitely modern rhythms and sounds.

Jean Bonnefon : voice, Patrick Salinié : voice, Jacques Gandon: guitar, Patrick Descamps : guitar,Thierry Roques : accordion, Laurent Chopin : percussion

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