ZELENKA Ensemble | Baroque music

Monday, August 5, 2019 at 9 pm / Romanesque church Audrix

Jan Dismas Zelenka
Trio sonata N° 3 for oboe, violin, bassoon and basso continuo - in B major ZWV.181/3
Georg Friedrich Haendel
Trio sonata for two high voices and basso continuo - in G minor HWV. 393
Johann Friedrich Fasch
Quartet sonata for oboe, violin, bassoon & continuo - in D major FWV N:D1
Carl Philip Emmanuel Bach
Trio sonata for two high voices and basso continuo – in B major Wq.145

The story of the Zelenka Ensemble is the story of a friendship born in the class of oboist Laszlo Hadady and bringing together several musicians sharing a common passion for chamber music, and in particular for Baroque sonatas.
Trained at the National Conservatories of Paris (CNSM) and Lyon, its founding members are today soloists with the greatest orchestras (Radio France, Frankfurt Opera, Orchestre national de Lille…) or teachers in various conservatories.
They favour a Baroque repertoire lightened up by a vibrant, modern and fresh rendering of admirable and brilliant works by Telemann, Bach father and son, Zelenka (nicknamed the Czech Bach), Vivaldi, Haydn, Haendel…and many others.

Ana Millet, Violin
Guillaume Pierlot, Oboe
Chloé Kicken, Bassoon
Héloïse Dely, Double bass
Myrrha Principiano, Harpsichord