Horse Radish | Klezmer Music

Tuesday July 31 at 6.00 PM / Le Bugue On the banks of the Vézère river

Inauguration of the Festival
Concert apéritif | Entrée libre

Klezmer Music pays a tribute to the roots and culture of Central Europe.

The choice of music ranges from traditional or contemporary Klezmer to music from the Balkans, and includes original compositions by Michel Taïeb (the guitarist of the group). After a first remarkable “Electric klezmer” opus in which the group revisited the Klezmer tradition with an unparalleled groove, the Horse Raddish experienced musicians explore new imaginary domains in which tradition gives way to sound utopias and dreamlike/fantasy tales.

Cédric Chatelain : flute, soprano saxophone
Simon Clavel : drums
Alexandre Leitao : accordion
Michel Schick : clarinet
Michel Taïeb : electric guitar, song
François Puyalto : electric bass