Du Bartàs | Occitan Songs and Musics

Friday August 10 9.00 PM / Auditorium | Saint-Cyprien

Occitanian Day
In the framework of the Occitanian summer in Saint-Cyprien

Du Bartàs sings in Occitanian and in Arabic, expressing the mixed heritage, ancient and contemporary, of the Mediterranean and the Languedoc.
Their songs recount the lives of local people in the vein of social chronicles and libertarian poetry.
The powerful choir of five voices alternates with intimate spoken text to the rhythm of percussion instruments together with the warm tone of cuatro, oud, accordion and oriental alto violin.
This is music to be listened to and danced to.

Clément Chauvet: voice, percussions
Jocelyn Papon: voice, timpani, cuatro
Laurent Cavalié: voice, accordion
Abdel Boushiba: voice, oriental alto violin, percussions
Titouan Billon: voice, percussions, oud