Cocanhako | Occitan Songs

Sunday July 30 6.00 PM / Le Bugue [ Banks of Vézère River ]

Inauguration of the Festival

An encounter between  Cocanha, a feminine trio (three voices, percussions, popular Occitan songs), Julen Axari, a basque singer, improviser and percussionist, and Fawzi Berger, a percussionist. Therefore  a dialog is created for rhythms, timbres and languages for a return to the roots of voice and percussions. The quintet explores the festive and tribal dimension  of the  Occitan dance repertoire.

In the morning before the concert, a walk commented in Occitan by Jean-François Garette will be given rhytm by Cocanhaco.

Caroline Dufau: voice
Lila Fraysse: voice
Lolita Delmonteil-Ayral: voice

Fawzi Berger: percussions, voice
Julien Achiary: percussions, voice