Et Juliette | Danse

Thursday August 3   11.00 AM / Grand foyer | Saint-Cyprien

Youth Public Concert | Et Juliette

 " Et Juliette " is a visual poem for children, born of an encounter between five artists: Marion Lévy, choreographer; Olivier Mandol, lighting director; Piers Facing, composer and musician; Joachim Olaya, video director; and Mariette Navarro, author.

Alone on stage, Marion Lévy explores the Shakespearean character of Juliette, who, without her Romeo, examines the themes of filiation, transmission, courage and liberty/freedom. A screen is the sole scenery. Light and shadows provide a clue to a tight link between Juliette and her family. Marion reveals the character of Juliette in her intimacy, in her bedroom, dominated by her passion, her choices and her desire to escape. We follow Juliette from birth to girlhood, from the changes in her body to her discovery of new sensations, from questioning to passion and to the freedom to love.

Prior to her show Marion Lévy will propose to children attending the performance an introduction to contemporary dance.

Marion Lévy : Dance