La Mal Coiffée / Occitan Polyphonies

Tuesday August 9  9.00 PM | Park of Campagne Castle

La Mal Coiffée employs a range of five female voices, messengers of a language which slams: the Occitan.
Starting from the popular songs of Languedoc, La Mal Coiffée achieves a unique sound with a sensual effect.
Her polyphonic work invents and grows every day, rich of a raw and poetic material, either stemming from the popular tradition or written by the most famous poets in Occitan language.
These compositions are supported by an original and stimulating rhythm with various percussions: tammora, brau, sagattes, bender.

The concert proposed by La Mal Coiffée will take place on  a day dedicated to Occitania, in collaboration with l’Agence culturelle départementale de la Dordogne.
Before the evening concert, a practice session in Polyphony will take place from 9 AM to
1 PM, and a Ballad told in Occitan will be performed from 6 to 7.30 PM.


Marie Coumes: voice | Hélène Arnaud : voice, tambourine, tammorra | Laetitia Dutech:  voice, bendir, sagattes | Myriam Boisserie : voice, brau | Karine Berny : voice, timpani

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