The Troubadour Bernard de Ventadour / Music of the World

Friday August 12  9.00 PM | Church of Tayac  Les Eyzies

Songs of Troubadours from Perigord and Limousin

The first troubadours appeared in the Limousin and Perigord in the XIIth century. During this century, their art illuminated with new spririt the Occitania and all over Europe. After having leaved the castle of Ventadour, close to Egletons, in Correze, Bernard joined the court of Alienor d’Aquitaine, and then the court of Raimond de Toulouse. He terminated his life in the monastery of Dalon. Bernard de Ventadour occupies a major position in the occitanic lyric, in the XIIth and the XIII th centuries. He devotes essentially his poetry to the theme of Love.

About forty “cansos”, twenty of them with their music, came to our knowledge.

Louis Soret : song, hurdy-gurdy, clarinet, flute | Olivier Payrat : song, oud, hurdy-gurdy with weel | Michel Haze : percussions