Stradivaria Quartet / Chamber Music

Sunday August 9   9.00 PM  / Church of Tayac | Les Eyzies

Wolfang Amadeus Mozart
Divertimento K 137
Divertimento K 138
Quatuor K 173
Divertimento K 136

Created in 1987, Stradivaria focuses its activities around baroque and classical music
( XVIIth – XVIIIth centuries). Stradivaria emphasizes also the repertoire for strings, from sonata, in the beginning of XVIIth century to most famous concertos of Venetian school,  including great classical composers such as Mozart.
The Divertimento is a musical genre that appeared in the XVIIIth century; With a light and joyful style, the Divertimento is composed for a limited set and is sometimes called Serenade or Notturno ("Eine Kleine Nacht Music"). Mozart’s music is well known for his different types of Divertimentos sometimes shaped like small symphonies, such as the Salzburg Symphonies KV 136, 137, 138. The Quartet K 173 is viewed as his last early work, composed at age 17.

Daniel Cuillier, Laetitia Gillardot-Ballestro: Violins | Sophie Cerf:  Alto | Aldo Ripoche:  Cello

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