René Lacaille èk Marmaille / Music of the World

Tuesday August 4  9.00 PM  / Park of the Castle | Campagne

Songs and Musics from Reunion Island and the Indian Ocean.

Following a long family tradition, René Lacaille is the master of the spicy séga rhythms of La Réunion, a volcanic island located deep in the southwestern Indian Ocean. The embodiment of la Réunion’s vitality, this multi-instrumentist and singer is steeped in his culture’s celebration of life and good times. He plays accordion, guitars, percussions. He became popular as a guitarist during the sixties. With his children, he carried on stage magnificent traditional  songs from Reunion’s Island

It is a beautiful story of fidelity and creativity: Marco has accompanied his father all over the world for more than 15 years, and Oriane for more than 10 years.

René Lacaille, Marco Lacaille, Oriane Lacaille : Songs, Accordion, Percussions | Aldo Guinart: Saxophone, Flute

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