Horse Raddish Ensemble / Klezmer Musics

Sunday August 2 6.00 PM  / Le Bugue Hall

Inauguration of the Festival
Opening concert | Entrance free

Horse Raddish pays  tribute to the roots and culture of Central Europe.
Like the vegetable and the condiment made from its root, it has a prickly and peppery powerful flavour: a hearty music which energizes the whole body; to be dance as well as heard, seated or standing.

This music is often melancholic or hectic, always enriched by its themes of history, love and traditions.

Cédric Chatelain: Flute, Soprano Saxophone | Simon Clavel: Drums | Alexandre Leitao: Accordion | Michel Schick: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet | Michel Taïeb: Electric Guitar, Voice | François Puyalto: Electric Bass

{jamedia src="/images/2015/01.mp3" type="audio" mtype="mp3" title="Der glatter bulger"}