32nd Musique en Périgord Festival


Surprises and discoveries

Created in 1989 in the church of Audrix, a Périgord village located between the Vézère and Dordogne rivers, the Musique en Périgord festival, which started as a purely classical music festival, has evolved all the while remaining faithful to its origins. Each year, this magical environment hosts musical performances in harmony with the beauty of its age-old stones.

This year should have been the 32nd edition marking the beginning of a new era!

Unfortunately, it had to cancel because of the Virus.

But life is now returning to normal. And therefore, the 32nd edition WILL BE. A shorter outdoors edition, we still hope it will be a festive and exciting experience; an event that will make you travel in time and space, from South America to Central Europe, from baroque to mid-20th century music.

We hope you’ll all be there.

Looking forward to meeting you soon

Laurent Lévy
Artistic Director

Cabeceo Duet | traditional music from Argentina

Monday, August 3rd, 9pm / Audrix Amphitheatre

Anne Mazeau Piano - Marie Anne Faupin Bandonéon, Piano

Argentinean music features rhythm, sensuality, nostalgia and passion.The musicians open out their truck which becomes a unique stage area.They aim at bringing music and culture everywhere and to every audience, building up this device which provides an autonomous stage fitted with an acoustic piano, which they use to travel around

.A caravan that can be transformed into a stage.

Tangos by Julien Plaza, Annibal Troila, Angel d’Agostini, Vicente Greco and Osvaldo Frsedo
by Anselmo Aieta, Sebastiean Piana and Julio Cesar Sanders
Four hands
by Juan de Dios Filiberto, Jolio de Caro, Horacio Salgan and Rodolfo
Folk music
by Hermanos Abalos, Mario Arnedo Gallo and Hermanos Simon