31st Musique en Périgord Festival


The festival "Musique en Périgord" was first presented in 1989 in the roman church at Audrix, a small village located between the Vézère and Dordogne rivers. It will celebrate its thirty first anniversary.
The Festival is intended to introduce talented young musicians as well as recognized artists, to bring classical music to the rural environment, and to provide great music in small settings. It strives to attract new audiences by offering programs of diverse musical genres and tastes, and hopes to introduce children to classical as well as to other kinds of music.
Exposing children to the joy and appreciation of good music is an important goal. Music enriches the lives of the young and also creates the audiences of tomorrow.
The content and format of the program is created for an intimate environment intended to bring together the musicians ad the audiences, young and old. A welcoming, family atmosphere characterizes our Festival.

In 2019, "Musique en Périgord" festival will be presented from July28 to August 12.

The various concerts will be performed in the Roman churches of Audrix, Les Eyzies, Saint-Chamassy, on the banks of Vézère River in Le Bugue, in the auditorium of Saint-Cyprien, and in the park of Campagne’s Castle. Le Gouffre de Proumeyssac will also participate in "Musique en Périgord".

Laurent Lévy
Artistic Director

Jardin Zoologique | OLORIME Band

Monday, August 12, 11 am / Saint-Cyprien Grand Foyer

Concert Show for Young Audiences

Jardin Zoologique (Zoological Garden) is a show for children and young adults to be seen with their family (from 3 year old). It is designed around the Chantefables and Chantefleurs books by Robert Desnos on a music written by Jean Wiener.
Robert Desnos’ eloquence, sometimes verging on madness, together with his extreme sensitivity made of him a magical storyteller. The author whose wild ideas showed his great inventiveness seems to be in the best position to talk to children’s imagination – a playfulness to be also found in the musical world as the idea was to explore the sounds of "Toy Music" which offers a wide range of colours echoing Desnos’ Dadaism.
Today is Sunday and mummy takes Rose and Martin to the zoo. Strolling along the paths, the visit could have been quite ordinary except for the mysterious song drawing the children’s attention and taking them away from their mother. This strange music guides them to a small door. They open it and walking through it enter a fantastic world, full of strange animals from one side of it to the other. An extraordinary dreamlike journey to a country of illogicality…
The Olorime Band’s vocation is to create, produce and distribute multidisciplinary artistic projects. More generally, they want to develop all kinds of means of artistic expression allowing artistic projects to be better received by audiences. The name Olorime is a reference to Louise de Vilmorin, as this was her favourite stylistic device, and is also a reference to the fact that there is not just one way of looking at things.

Dorothée Lorthiois, Soprano and Artistic Direction
Benoit Bénichou, Stage Direction
Fabien Hyon, Tenor
Martin Surot, Piano
Yannick Monnot, Percussions