30th Musique en Périgord Festival


The festival "Musique en Périgord" was first held in 1989 in the Roman church at Audrix, a small village located between the Vézère and Dordogne rivers

The theme of the Festival has been modified but its goals remain unchanged.
The Festival is intended to introduce talented young musicians as well as recognized artists, to bring classical music to the rural environment, and to provide great music in small places. It strives to attract different audiences by offering programs of diverse musical genres and tastes, and hopes to introduce children to classical as well as to other kinds of music.

A wide variety of music for everyone.

From July 31th to August 12, "Musique en Périgord" will hold its 30th Festival.
As usual, the program will offer a wide range of music: Chamber music, Baroque music, Jazz, Occitanian Music, Musics from all over the world. The festival will also include a concert catering to young audiences.

The concerts will take place in the churches in Audrix, Les Eyzies, Saint-Chamassy, on the banks of the Vézère river in Le Bugue, in the auditorium of Saint-Cyprien, the communal hall in Audrix and the park of the Campagne Castle. Le Gouffre de Proumeyssac will also participate in "Musique en Périgord".

Troubadors and Trouvères | Medieval music

Saturday August 12 9.00 PM / Les Eyzies | Church of Tayac

Catherine Jousselin: Voice, Vithele with bow
Maurice Moncozet : Voice, Rebec, Nay, Saz, Flute

Works by Hildegard von Bingen, Bernard de Ventadour, Guillaume de Machaut, Adam de la Halle, Jaufré Rudel…


Catherine Jousselin: singer and violist. After a diploma in musicology, she joined the Choeur de La Chapelle Royale conducted by Philippe Herreweg and, at the same time, studied the viola da gamba with Christophe Coin and Christine Plubeau.
She founded the Ensemble Amadis and recorded, among others, Sur les Chemins de Saint-Jacques (In the trail of Saint Jacques), Musique au temps de Jeanne d’Arc (Music from the times of Joan of Arc).

Maurice Moncozet: one of the pillars of Musique en Périgord.
Since 1977 a member of Le Concert dans l’Oeuf. In 1985, together with Pascal Lefeuvre, he founded the Ensemble TreFontane. With these two ensembles he explored the main repertoires of medieval music.
He regularly participates in the activities of the G. Zuchetto Trob’Art Ensemble, particularly in La Tròba, recording the complete repertoire of troubador songs, the melody of which has been preserved.
In 2003, he founded the Ensemble Rosa Salvatja for a thorough study of the Troubador repertoire.
He works in collaboration with le Pôle International de la Préhistoire et le Service Départemental d’Archéologie