31st Musique en Périgord Festival


The festival "Musique en Périgord" was first presented in 1989 in the roman church at Audrix, a small village located between the Vézère and Dordogne rivers. It will celebrate its thirty first anniversary.
The Festival is intended to introduce talented young musicians as well as recognized artists, to bring classical music to the rural environment, and to provide great music in small settings. It strives to attract new audiences by offering programs of diverse musical genres and tastes, and hopes to introduce children to classical as well as to other kinds of music.
Exposing children to the joy and appreciation of good music is an important goal. Music enriches the lives of the young and also creates the audiences of tomorrow.
The content and format of the program is created for an intimate environment intended to bring together the musicians ad the audiences, young and old. A welcoming, family atmosphere characterizes our Festival.

In 2019, "Musique en Périgord" festival will be presented from July28 to August 12.

The various concerts will be performed in the Roman churches of Audrix, Les Eyzies, Saint-Chamassy, on the banks of Vézère River in Le Bugue, in the auditorium of Saint-Cyprien, and in the park of Campagne’s Castle. Le Gouffre de Proumeyssac will also participate in "Musique en Périgord".

Laurent Lévy
Artistic Director

BELTUNER Au paradis du pêcheur

Created in 2001, Beltuner is a quartet which is essentially a tribute to accordion. Beltuner is mainly centred on Johann Riche, a musician trained by his grand-father to accordion village dances in the Vosges Mountains. The group’s high energy music has its own sound and their concerts mix accordion sounds, Gipsy swing, tango and Yiddish or Balkan music.


AKITANIA String Quartet | Chamber music

The Akitania Quartet was created in 2014 by musicians from Bordeaux. They have appeared on various scenes in France, namely in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine: Eglises Romane Festival in the Gironde and Musiques à croquer Festival in Bordeaux. They participated in the 2019 Folle Journée of Nantes. In Europe, they have, among others, toured in Ireland.

Chœur Paratge

ZELENKA Ensemble | Baroque music

The story of the Zelenka Ensemble is the story of a friendship born in the class of oboist Laszlo Hadady and bringing together several musicians sharing a common passion for chamber music, and in particular for Baroque sonatas.

Et juliette

SAXBACK ENSEMBLE | Classical and contemporary music

The Saxback Ensemble is composed of six musicians coming from the Paris Conservatory and the Amsterdam Conservatory. This innovative band has been directly inspired by Adolph Sax, a genius inventor from the 19th century known for creating the saxophone and the saxhorn (which then gave birth to the euphonium).

Quatuor Ardeo

CHEMIRANI Trio Iranian Percussion | World Music

A zarb is a Persian drum made of mulberry or walnut wood with a goat skin membrane stuck around its entire perimeter. Originally from the North of Iran, the instrument then travelled throughout Africa and Asia and became popular thanks to Turkish, Eastern European and North African musicians.

Jardin Zoologique | OLORIME Band

Jardin Zoologique est un spectacle jeune public à voir en famille (à partir de 3 ans) qui se construit autour des Chantefables et Chantefleurs de Robert Desnos mis en musique par Jean Wiener.
Aujourd‘hui c‘est dimanche, maman emmène Rose et Martin au zoo.